6 Recommendations To Avoid Clogged Pipes on Super Bowl Sunday

Here’s some not-so-enjoyable meals for thought: As we assemble all over the Television this weekend to root for our beloved group and chow down on rooster wings, pizza, and buffalo dip, some key plays are happening guiding the scenes in your home’s plumbing. That is right—your pipes can effortlessly just take a sack on Super Bowl Sunday.

“No a person wishes to worry about drain clogs and harm to their plumbing process when they are meant to be acquiring enjoyment observing the activity,” states Mike Mushinski, president of bluefrog Plumbing + Drain. “When company are above, it is straightforward for plumbing mishaps to come about, when there are huge quantities of food and an uptick in the use of bogs and garbage disposals.” 

Without a doubt, just after Thanksgiving, Super Bowl Sunday is the working day we Us residents chow down on the most foods of the calendar year, according to the United Meals and Industrial Personnel Union.

Not incredibly, that signifies the ordinary caloric consumption for Us residents on the most significant day in soccer is a whopping 2,400 energy.

And here’s a warning of a gross reality forward: During the sport, Us citizens will end up flushing about 13 million lbs . of poop—equal to 13 million footballs.

Base line? Your plumbing method is bound to get a serious work out this Sunday, so ensuring that your pipes are in fighting form is crucial—you really don’t want to overlook that 90-property touchdown return due to the fact you are in the bathroom with a plunger.

To assist you avoid any pipe penalties through this year’s sport, in this article are some major plays from the plumbing playbook.

1. Deal with any toilet paper issues

You know that applying far too quite a few squares of bathroom paper can clog a bathroom, but it turns out the TP’s ply matters far too.

One particular-ply rest room paper puts considerably less stress on pipes and goes down smoother than two-ply rest room paper,” claims Sewell. “When you have attendees in excess of, make sure to acquire two-ply out of the recreation and sub in the one-ply paper. Also, preserve a plunger helpful to assist in the event of a clog.”

2. Intercept those wipes

When the pandemic designed People in america obsessed with wipes (and lifted manufacturers’ fortunes right away), their use in bathrooms is a significant no-no. Thick wipes can potentially keep intact prolonged following flushing and bring about plumbing, sewer, and septic method issues. 

“Flushing disposable wipes can direct to clogs in your plumbing process,” says Sewell. “Intercept any guest striving to flush wipes down the bathroom.”

So if you use wipes, conceal them when you have company in excess of.

3. Eject oil and grease from the recreation

Greasy, oily foodstuff can do a range on pipes, so be mindful how you dispose of them.

“Never pour leftover grease down the drain,” suggests Travis Sewell, a franchise company coach and licensed plumber for bluefrog Plumbing + Drain. “As it passes through pipes, it can awesome, harden, and lead to a clog in your pipes.”

Doyle James, president of Mr. Rooter Plumbing, a Neighborly firm, advises you to jar grease and trash it instead.

“It may perhaps be liquid when it hits the bowl, but as soon as it congeals, it will become a pipe-clogging wax,” claims James.

4. Continue to keep bones offside

In 2020, the National Hen Council projected that Us citizens would take in a history-breaking 1.4 billion rooster wings more than Tremendous Bowl weekend. Sure, you may possibly like your spicy chicken wings dipped in ranch. But your plumbing system? Not so a great deal.

“Putting chicken bones down the garbage disposal is guaranteed to result in a loss,” suggests Sewell. “Bones can trigger the blades to get jammed and cause clogs, simply because they can catch other debris if they make it previous the blades. Go all those scraps to the rubbish can instead.”

5. Starches and fibrous food items keep on the bench, way too

Although “garbage” and “disposal” are in the name, the contraption in your kitchen sink is not, in point, a rubbish receptacle.

So recall this: Even nevertheless fibrous foods, these as celery and potato skins—as effectively as starchy meals like pasta and potatoes—are preferred match working day foods, they can also result in a plumbing headache when they create clogs that are difficult to distinct.

“Dispose of any leftover food items on dishes in the trash, not the garbage disposal,” states Sewell. “Overloading your rubbish disposal with also a great deal at a person time can trigger destruction.”

6. Very clear the endzone

It’s no enjoyment remaining stuck with cleanup, especially if your team has misplaced the sport. But if you are facing a stack of plates coated with greasy sauces and hardened cheese, test to stay away from making the cleanup any even worse than it desires to be.

Right before switching on the dishwasher, operate sizzling h2o from the faucet in the kitchen sink right up until the h2o receives really very hot. This trick will stop the clean cycle from starting with chilly drinking water, which will congeal what’s on your plates.

“And constantly dispose of leftover foods scraps from dishes into the trash ahead of washing or rinsing,” provides Sewell.