Amazon Discover Rooms Lets You Virtually Design Your Home for Free

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As much fun as having your own space can be, finding all the items to fill in said space can be stressful, to say the least. You want each room in your home to work together as a whole but also have its own unique vibe, which is no easy task, especially if “interior designer” isn’t anywhere on your resume. Amazon has a free virtual feature, though, called Discover Rooms, that simplifies the otherwise daunting task of refreshing a room by letting you browse through design options and easily shop for products that feel like a fit.

The way it works is this: When you visit the Discover Rooms homepage, pick what room type you’re shopping for (i.e. office, dining room, outdoor, etc.), as well as the style you’re going for (i.e. rustic, industrial, modern, etc.). From there, you can either pick the specific product(s) you’re looking for and see some options, or browse through images of rooms with similar aesthetics for inspiration. Either way, once you see an item you like, you can add it right to your cart, along with any other pieces you feel would go well together. You can spend as little or as much time as you like sifting through room ideas. Before you know it, you’ll have everything you need for a fully decorated and totally cohesive space.

Need an example? Say you’re in the mood to remodel your bedroom, and you don’t want it to be just any old place to sleep — you want it to feel glamorous (same). Simply plug in “bedroom” and “glam” in the Discover Room filters, and you’ll be greeted by dozens of sample bedrooms with that exact style, all featuring clickable products you can check out for yourself. You can mix and match items from across several different rooms, or, if you’re drawn to the look of one particular room, purchase all the similar furniture and decor you see there. Gorgeous chandeliers, pink velvet chairs, dramatic full-length mirrors — whatever “glam bedroom” means to you, it’ll all be in one place, ready for you to pick and choose as you please.

So next time you’re considering revamping a room (or two) in your home but feel at a loss for where to start, head to Discover Rooms and have some fun. Worst case, you’ll leave with a few cool new ideas to tuck away for later. Best case? You’ll have the entire space virtually redesigned at no cost, with a cart full of curated beautiful items that fit perfectly together.

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