Breathing New Life into a London Edwardian Semi-Detached

The Black and Milk design studio was brought on to reimagine the interior of an exceptional Edwardian-era family home in the Highgate area of London. During the pandemic, the owners had overhauled the home’s scheme but felt not cosy. While maintaining the structural layout, Black and Milk took a strategic approach to elevating the existing bones of the house with innovative touches that would instil a cosy sense of luxury.

The project’s story makes it one of the most compelling transformations in our portfolio. Our primary goal was to infuse the Scottish family’s personality throughout while tailoring spaces to support their lifestyle, seamlessly blending with the home’s existing features. Special attention went into lighting plans, and interior spatial layouts factored prominently when renovating the semi-detached house. Minor structural changes opened up floorplans to enhance functionality within the Edwardian envelope.

One main focal point is the two living rooms flanking either side of a striking three-meter central hallway upon entry. The clients mainly avoided these rooms previously owing to their uninspired aesthetic. We saw this as an opportunity to subtly reinterpret the traditional notion of separate seating areas for husbands and wives. Thus, the moody Gentleman’s Lounge was born with cigar club grandeur, alongside a more playful, vivid Lady’s Lounge for coffee and chatter with friends.

Another aim was warming up the new modern extension while meshing it with the original house’s traditional aspects. Bespoke kitchen cabinetry, an island, and a concealed breakfast nook by Black and Milk incorporate tactile finishes to add cosiness to the open-plan dining section. Traditional subway backsplash tiles lend consistency to the front while updating the kitchen’s look. A bold, gilded live-edge dining table anchored by a delicate pendant puts a softening twist on the sleek space.

Tucked away off the lounge lies a cinema room enveloped in plaid wool wall upholstery as both a sound baffle and tribute to the owners’ ancestry. Throughout the revived interiors, Black and Milk’s custom luxury touches reconnect this special residence with comfort and character.

Neutral colour schemes are often used in luxury interior design to create a serene and timeless ambience.

The use of neutral colour schemes in luxury interior design creates a timeless and sophisticated aesthetic that complements a wide range of design styles. Neutral colours offer a versatile and understated aesthetic that complements a wide range of design styles, from modern and minimalist to traditional and classic. The use of neutral hues in luxury house designs creates a sense of calm and serenity, making them an ideal choice for creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere.