January 28, 2023

Eastern Pittsburgh suburban real estate transactions for the week of May 1, 2022


Ronald Rocco sold property at 141 Greenfield Ave. to PGH Holding LLC for $60,000.


Estate of Harold Schall sold property at 225 Thornberry Drive to Richard Allen Radvansky Jr. and Elizabeth Ann Radvansky for $306,150.


Jaime Guerrero sold property at 185 Gordon St. to Andrew Letourneau and Amanda Sanchez for $300,000.

Janet Carr sold property at 519 Greendale Ave. to Raja Selamat Nazarudin and Ross Pfile for $180,000.

Donald Zappa sold property at 226 Lehigh Ave. to Nathan Hedin and Jillian Demars for $287,500.

Forest Hills

Ira Karelitz sold property at 317 Edgewood Road to Quincy 327 LLC for $120,000.

Matthew Mergo sold property at 6 Newport Road to Jeffrey and Deborah Blache for $285,000.


James Mahloy trustee sold property at 415 Cyra Drive to Jacob Treber for $153,000.

Anthony Mock sold property at 420 Franklin Heights Drive to Jesse Young for $260,000.

Estate of Ronald Holzer sold property at 1169 Harvard Road to Hongmei Li for $150,000.

Anthony Pulleo sold property at 33 Morningtide Ct to Ram Mohan Reddy Pothula and Prasanna Lakshmi Marapareddy for $255,900.

Triple Alpha Heights LLC sold property at 164 National Drive to Segavepo 2 LLC for $184,000.

NVR Inc. sold property at 319 Nelson Drive to Charles and Regina Summerville for $371,705.

Jennifer Gelet Sheehan sold property at 301 Newbury Drive to Xinyi Cai and Zhangzhang Yin for $298,528.

Firuza Akmalovna Rakhimova sold property at 173 Shackelford Drive to Siani Koon for $196,000.

Estate of Robert Mahan sold property at 2580 Stroschein Road to Stacey Yarbrough for $137,500.

Triple Alpha Heights LLC sold property at 212 Victoria Drive to Segavepo 2 LLC for $161,945.


Brooks & Blair Homes Oakmont LLC sold property at 31 First St. to Oakmont III LLC for $1,827.

Penn Hills

Jessieco Inc. sold property at 911 Sixth St. to Felix Bacot Mena and Melanie Mascara Bacot for $325,000.

Ruth Regan sold property at 912 Seventh St. to Glenn Grgurich and Janelle Donaldson for $174,900.

Triple Alpha Heights LLC sold property at 101 Elias Drive to Balakrupa Ramachandran and Shyam Ramani for $160,000.

Bradley Homes & Remodeling LLC sold property at 91 Frankwood Road to Steven Bianco for $35,000.

Estate of Harriet Ann Palmer sold property at 1912 Funston Ave. to Tarnice Jones for $60,000.

Devin Smith Behe sold property at 11527 Gardenia Drive to Martin and Mara Mahoney for $110,000.

Zachary Linderman sold property at 1715 Loretta Drive to Jerzy Sanecki and Joanna Slupska for $145,000.

Triple Alpha Heights LLC sold property at 6387 Lowell Drive to Segavepo 2 LLC for $180,555.

Triple Alpha Heights LLC sold property at 231 Maurice Ct to Segavepo 2 LLC for $190,000.

Triple Alpha Heights LLC sold property at 1523 Nash Ave. to James Hardwick for $175,000.

Triple Alpha Heights LLC sold property at 1716 Nash Ave. to Segavepo 2 LLC for $159,000.

Andreas Sotos sold property at 468 Shadywood Road to Joseph Coiro Jr. for $154,397.

Jeffrey Reynolds sold property at 3078 Universal Road to Molly Claire Trott for $160,000.

Morgan Hershey sold property at 145 Yellowstone Drive to Khaled Daoud for $166,000.


Gateway School District sold property at 580-582 Sixth St. to Genesis Corp. for $5,000.


Estate of Stephen Puhlman sold property at 109 Duquesne Blvd. to Helen Smith for $146,000.

David Mellon sold property at 2 Eastvue Drive to Rajat and Kavita Kumar for $455,000.

Dennis Dutzman trustee sold property at 4936 Havana Drive to Tyler Zerjav and Krista Gismondi for $185,000.

SEL Properties LLC sold property at 228 Sherrie Drive to Alicia Ryan for $121,000.

Turtle Creek

Estate of Paul Bench sold property at 407 Larimer Ave. to AMP Commercial & Resident Services for $14,000.

Estate of Bridgitte Harrover sold property at 1105 Maple Ave. to Shannon Collins for $50,000.


Cory Jacob sold property at 104 Wallace Ave. to Brady Realty Group LLC for $115,000.


Kishawna Thomas Pritchard sold property at 2015 E Kendon Drive to Richard Blair for $110,000.

Helping Hands America Foundation sold property at 1319 Everett St. to Bladimir Edgardo Hernandez-Castro and Damaris Tamara Correa-Cardozo for $20,000.

Andrea Gabbie sold property at 1303 Graham Blvd. to Richard Ryan Mitchell for $190,000.

Philip DenBleyker V sold property at 400 Hampton Ave. to William and Mary Hawk for $427,000.


Lois Keenan sold property at 127-129 Manor Road to Thomas Felmley and Annette Merlino for $170,000.


Estate of Patricia Raynor sold property at 1004 Eighth Ave. to Sangill Properties LLC for $112,500.


Estate of Elmer Schade III sold property at 36 Railroad St. to Zachary Crankshaw for $9,300.


Ryan Ziegler sold property at 6402 Lindsey Ln to David Edward Williams for $247,000.

Nicholas Mangretta sold property at 4415 Logan Ferry Road to Horace Engel Jr. and Narleen Engel for $310,000.

Patrisa Corp. sold property at 1006 Molise Ct to Robert and Cassandra Armstrong for $210,000.

Natalie Caruso sold property at 356 Nature Trail Ln to Christopher and Kelly Miskis for $188,500.

Tamas Tanto trustee sold property at 4091 Saltsburg Road to Tamas and Susan Tanto for $300,000.

North Huntingdon

Estate of Lowell Greene sold property at 11097 Brokers Ln to Painter Property Development LLC for $68,000.

Gary Pearson sold property at 12106 Center St. to Sandra Baker for $234,900.

Kathleen M O’Hara Laychak sold property at 1210 Clay Pike to Kayla Marie Gelpi for $165,000.

Donato Pasquarelli sold property at 7033 Gio Drive to NVR Inc. for $91,500.

Maronda Homes LLC sold property at 7891 Isabella Drive to John and Jessica Renee Varga for $339,729.

Jeffrey Meyers sold property at 2194 Mickanin Road to Scott and Miriam Spillar for $240,000.

Mercedes Mathias sold property at 120 Naponic Ln to Rittenour Property Solutions LLC for $23,995.

Jason Serbanjak sold property at 7679 Pennsylvania Ave. to Mark Adrian Patterson Jr. for $125,500.

Penn Township

Anthony Sicari sold property at 6010 Brookside Drive to Matthew and Melanie Bartolozzi for $439,610.

Edward Nicolette sold property at 6261 Claridge Export Road to Anitia Wagner for $177,000.

Laurie Kiss sold property at 28-32 Dolly Ave. to Jenna Elkin for $274,900.

Blackthorn Investors LLC sold property at 1003 Lynx Ct to NVR Inc. for $73,844.

James Andrew Martin sold property at 2097 State Route 130 to James and John Niggle for $47,750.


TPL Income Property Corp. sold property at 119 Belleauwood Blvd. to Ryan Matthew Catalogna and Chelsea Breanne Metro for $326,100.

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