How do I make my kitchen look farmhouse? 12 elements experts always include

Wondering how to make your kitchen look farmhouse? You don’t need to live on a farm, or even in the countryside, to adopt this ever-popular style, defined by its warmth, coziness and relaxed decor. It’s a look that translates across all manner of properties and locations, making a timeless choice.

There are certain key elements that define how to achieve a farmhouse kitchen – and others that will throw it off – so we spoke to design experts to find out the simple decorating and styling choices, and the farmhouse kitchen ideas that will help you get the look just right, wherever you happen to live.

Andrea Childs

Andrea Childs is the Editor of Country Homes & Interiors magazine, a sister title to Homes & Gardens. She has, for many years, written about both farmhouse-style and kitchens, making her the perfect choice to interview interior designers and kitchen experts for this piece.

How do I make my kitchen look farmhouse?