October 5, 2022

How to select and hang string lights in your backyard

So, you’ve created the backyard of your dreams and love everything about it — except that seeing your surroundings can sometimes be a challenge once the sun’s gone down.

While hiring someone to install outdoor lighting can be really expensive and involved, patio string lights are a simple, cost-effective solution. Best of all, you can create a look that reflects your style using any number of patterns.

In a recent episode of “Done-In-A-Weekend Projects” called “Light Up Your Life,” expert landscape designer Doug Scott demonstrated how to hang string lights, and discussed what to consider before, and while, doing so.

Here are his steps for adding fun, personality and light to your outdoor living and dining spaces:

• First determine how long your string lights need to be and how many strands you’ll need. The only other materials you’ll need for this project are appropriate, outdoor-grade hardware (such as cup hooks or a similar fastener) and possibly an extension cord.