September 30, 2022

JoAnne Skelly: Whimsy in the landscape

JoAnne Skelly: Whimsy in the landscape | Serving Carson Town for in excess of 150 yrs

JoAnne Skelly

My friend Paul proposed I write about placing whimsy in the landscape. Synonyms for whimsy contain: quirkiness, oddity, quaintness, fantasy, extravagant or even eyesight. This signifies a great deal of leeway to increase whimsical exciting oddities to your landscape style. Specific your have eyesight, your possess fanciful suggestions and incorporate what offers you pleasure to see.
Have you noticed the development of utilizing tipped-about terracotta pots spilling out with bouquets? That’s whimsy. Backyard gnomes are unquestionably whimsical. Themed gardens, these kinds of as an Alice in Wonderland concept or a tropical motif, can be quirky or fun.
People loaded with bits and items of discovered merchandise can be so appealing. A bathtub, bicycle basket, an outdated wheelbarrow, or an outdated boot loaded with herbs or bouquets can be charming. Or, possibly even plant an previous toilet! Paint a mural on a wall and make it a backyard scene with a pathway engaging the viewer in. That’s fanciful and creative.
I have heard of individuals hanging mirrors or brightly painted aged window frames on a fence or wall to develop depth and fascination. I hung a major wrought iron clock that had shed its system up on a wall and I have an aged steer cranium peeking out of the shrubbery. I not long ago browse about a bottle tree – a steel sculpture with blue bottles hanging all more than it. Does anyone bear in mind the shoe tree on Freeway 50 East? Create your personal exclusive sculptures out of recycled products and position them the place they can be loved or wherever they can amuse.
My pal Peggy is a mosaic artist and produces the most stunning and whimsical items out of old pottery and ceramics. I have two mosaic hearts on significant spherical river rocks and a western bluebird stepping stone in my yard that she created for me. She has amazing mosaics through her property augmenting the beauty of the plantings.
When I turn a corner, I see a little mosaic flower marking the edge of a bed or a team of them building a border. Yet another close friend Laura tends to make etched and painted birdhouses out of gourds. I show them all around the backyard in the summer time.
Despite the fact that whimsy can be purchased and positioned in a landscape, I feel it is more delightful when the treasures are individual or do-it-yourself artwork items. Plants can be whimsical as properly. Assume topiary sculptures of fantasy creatures. Or woven filberts or trellised vines. The alternatives are only minimal by your creativity.
JoAnne Skelly is Associate Professor & Extension Educator Emerita at University of Nevada Cooperative Extension. [email protected]