Kitchen tile remodel inspirations and ideas

A lot of of us have put in a whole lot of time in our kitchens considering the fact that March of 2020. That time may have caused a couple of us to appear at those areas for cooking and collecting with new eyes … and has probably prompted additional than a several of us to believe about techniques to make our kitchens additional welcoming, practical, and stunning.

I’m unquestionably not immune, even nevertheless I completely renovated my personal home’s kitchen just a handful of several years back. So when I experienced the opportunity to join the U.S. delegation to an intercontinental ceramic tile demonstrate in Bologna, Italy — a 600 exhibitor and 62,000 visitor occasion identified as CERSAIE — in October, perfectly, that was an uncomplicated indeed (especially because I was by now heading to be on that aspect of the pond in any case!). Whilst I really like all factors kitchen in basic, my ulterior motive was to seek out inspiration for the kitchen of a Victorian home I’m reworking in Beechmont and the kitchenettes of some flats I’m reworking to prolonged-stay hospitality offerings (Yes, when I’m not composing, I’m running renovations and lodging!).