Pantry storage ideas: 10 ways to keep your pantry organized

Pantry storage ideas are an important part of any larder or pantry design. The ultimate kitchen storage solution, the pantry was historically used to store food primarily, but today it has evolved into multi-functional space used to store not just food, but also large appliances, serveware and table linens. In fact, anything that keep our kitchen feeling clutter-free is especially important with today’s open-plan living spaces. 

If space allows, a large walk-in pantry offers the ultimate storage area, while bespoke pantry designs integrated as part of a fitted kitchen are a brilliant way to maximize kitchen storage. Alternatively, a freestanding pantry or larder may be a flexible solution if space is at a premium. Whatever the size or style of pantry you chose, taking time to plan the pantry storage ideas within it is essential for ensuring your pantry is fit for purpose – and everything is easy to find.