Shiyuan House / Days in YARD Studio

View from the southern terrace. The pre-function space ("the Bridge") and the main hall ("the Theatre") has formed a continuous expression. A-B-A-B-A spatial sequence is discernable based on the size and level of space and its implied program. Image © ZouleiLooking to the east entry, the new and the old has come together to form a clear, layered, warm, and inter-related spatial articulation from inside to outside. Image © ZouleiArchitect designed moveable LP storage shelf, which can open or close the stage, or form a square table by themselves. Image © ZouleiThe multi-function hall: film projection, design (furniture) shop online and offline, chamber music, seminar space… etc. have been hosted in this living room. Air ducts are embedded in the insulated north wall, which in turn will mix with fresh air intake and recycle wasted heat (over 75% in efficiency, varied in season). Image © Zoulei+ 52