October 7, 2022

This new landscaping craze adds softness to backyard garden design

You can find a new really hard landscaping trend wanting set to dominate back garden style in 2022, and it’s placing a softness into areas while applying a really hard material.

For seating, paths and decking, this 12 months will be all about curves. Natural and organic shapes work perfectly in smaller spaces to create quiet, harmony and stream. They are characterised by rounded edges and undulating lines, with relaxed planting extra to the mix. As one particular of the crucial backyard garden trends of the yr, these fluid traces are located in the natural planet and lend an natural character. “Curvilinear sort is a much more profound way of working with space, and resonates with the way items shift and organise in mother nature,” claims landscape designer Mark Laurence.

Why are curves a crucial yard pattern for 2022?

garden trends with curved concrete planting beds

(Image credit score: Mark Laurence)

There are useful factors for applying curves in fashionable back garden concepts, as they can greatly enhance a seating room by cocooning it with a small wall or introduce a whimsical route. “When consumers request me to design and style a backyard it’s constantly customized to the uniqueness of their house. It’s not just curves for the sake of it but producing them work in a precise context,” says landscape architect Ian Kitson. “It’s also important that backyards have their possess character impartial of any architecture about them.”